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Printed Circuit Board Assembly is a process requiring both innovative manufacturing concepts and flexible technology. At PMI, our PCB assembly process has been designed to accommodate all types of printed circuit boards, whether they be small, large, single-sided, double-sided, thin, thick, layered, or even requiring mixed technology. We know that successful PCB assembly requires explicit attention to detail and a broad understanding of how your PCB design needs to function.

PMI has a number of high quality production machines that automate the assembly of through-hole technology printed circuit board assemblies.  They include Universal Axial Programming Stations, Universal Sequencers which consist of 80 stations and can process over 24,000 components per hour.  The Universal Insertors can form, insert, and secure over 12,000 components per hour.  We also utilize radial, axial and lead forming equipment for the balance of the components.  Once assembled the PCBA's are processed through our leaded or lead-free wave solder lines and then cleaned and dried using our high powered Westek closed loop deionized board cleaning system.  The result is a high quality and cost effective assembly delivered to you on-time.